DBQ Essay: Was Europe In A Dark Age?

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In the 1300s, Petrarch, an Italian scholar who coined the term "dark age" after the all of Rome during the 500s through the 1500s because he thought it was a chaotic time.(Movie Talk "dark age") The "dark age" took place during all the Crusades. This did help make population smaller and it did increase food supply. This illustrates that Europe was not in a "dark age" as it will be explained.

Europe was not in a "dark age" really and it did improve Europe's food and population grew bigger which meant more farming. One example, is from document A which is that Europe was still in control and there was still laws."No man shall be forced to perform more service for a knight's fee."Another example, from document C is that Europe still had plenty of food and population grew."Europe developed and prospered." A final example, is that Europe was not in a "dark age" is from document E which talks about how universities and how church schools were formed. "However, universities introduced a new system of education, eventually replacing the monastery and church schools. These were three good reasons why Europe was not in a "dark age." …show more content…

For example, from document B there was a lot of violence, trade, and education decline.(The Dark Age)"Highway robbers that travel became dangerous." Another example, from The First Crusades document B is that the Franks slaughtered more than 70,000 people. "In the Al-Agsa Mosque the Franks slaughtered more than 70,00 people, among them a large number of Imams and Muslims scholars, devout men. According to The Black Death document A a man described how bad and how he felt."In all the city, there was nothing to do but carry the dead to a burial." These three examples explain why Europe was in a "dark

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