Medieval Crime And Crimes In The Medieval Times

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The medieval times lasted from the 6th century to the 16th century. The medieval era wasn 't a pleasant time for people to be alive as it was a time were punishments and trials were really harsh and dangerous. During this time, it was easy for people to commit a crime. Crimes that are now seen as something insignificant were perceived as a horrible offence such as sleeping on the streets and talking behind peoples back. The society in the medieval times were organized by the feudal System. This essay will mention some of the crimes and punishments; it will also explain the differences between the medieval times and the modern times. Crime Crimes for people to commit in the Medieval times was easier for people to commit than. Most of the crimes were very so unnecessary that even lighting a fire can cause big times. Some of the crimes committed in the Medieval times were Theft which means to steal something from another person, Arson which means to light fire in public, Witchcraft means to practise magic such as black magic and a use of spells, Heresay/blasphemy means disrespect towards god because in the Medieval times they looked up to god a lot and they would make big discussions by asking god in a way people would not know. Treason which is traitor to the crown (king), Vagrancy means homelessness which in the medieval times was very common for people that work or the king such as peasants. Counterfeiting which is making fake stuff and selling it for a higher price which

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