Sapa Inca Persian Chart Essay

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• Tawantinsuyu: Inca government, monarchy, ruled by the Sapa Inca
• Sapa Inca: emperor and king of the Inca Empire, means “sole ruler”, most powerful person in the empire
• Coya: wife and queen of Sapa Inca
• Government Organization:
- Viceroy: most trusted and closest advisor to the Sapa Inca, usually a close relative
- High Priest: thought to be second in power due to the heavily regarded importance on religion
- Governors of a Quarter: Inca Empire divided into four quarters, each ruled by a governor called an Apu
- Council of the Realm: council made up of powerful, noble men who advised the Sapa Inca on important matters and assisted in major problems
- Inspectors: people who were in charge to watch over the townspeople to make sure they paid their taxes
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• Punishments: very harsh which helped to keep the crime percentage quite low and in control, examples- cursing the gods resulted in execution and stealing would cost the hand of the thief

• Strict Social Classes: people were born into their social class, in very few circumstances were there opportunities to change one’s social class
- Nobles: Sapa Inca: emperor top of social structure Villac Umu: high priest who spoke directly to gods Royal Family: direct relatives of Sapa Inca who had high government positions Inca: noble class (Inca class), people of direct descendant from the first established city of Cuzco Inca by Privilege: trustworthy people who were appointed to this class later on when the empire was too expanded and there were not enough Incas to fulfil certain tasks
- Public Administrators: Curacas: leaders from tribes the Incas conquered who had to report to the Incas and function under their control, they had the opportunity to keep their previous position if the followed and showed acts of loyalty Tax Collectors: one was needed for every family, there was a strict hierarchy of tax collectors Record Keepers: tracked taxes, supplies, storage, money

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