DBQ: Why The Middle Ages Happened After The Fall Of Rome

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Woube Middle Ages DBQ The middle ages occurred after the fall of Rome.The labels that best describe the Middle Ages would be the Dark Age, the Age of Faith, and the Age of Feudalism. The Middle Ages was labeled as the Dark Ages. Many barbarian invasions occurred during the Middle Ages. As stated in document 6, the Middle Age was described as “dark”. According to the historian Frantz Funck-Brentano, they destroyed the villages and left the people in terror. Churches and towns were burnt down, the towns of Dordrecht were burnt down by Barbarian tribes. This caused people to abandon their lifestyle and that meant a decline in trade, which brought down the economy (doc 3). The Turks and the Arabs have attacked the middle East and they have occupied the lands of the Christians. They killed and captured many people (doc 9). There was a fight without stop.
The Age of Faith is another label as the Middle Age. Christianity spread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages. The church was trying to stop fighting for specific days like the feast day of the four seasons and every Saturday, Sunday, and Friday (doc 5). From the monastic vows of ,Brother Gerald, a monk promises to give up the pleasure and possessions of this world. He takes vows of purity, chastity, and …show more content…

The feudal obligation shows the vassal promising his loyalty, military service, and ransom to his lord. In return, the lord promises his vassals that he will provide them with land and protection (doc 4). The lord promises protection from invaders in addition to the land. A Lord also had a knight for protection. As stated in document 2, John will aid the count of Champagne and send the knights to the count of Champagne for service. The author of document 7 may be biased against the negative aspects of the Middle Age, because he believed that the medieval culture ranked with that of earlier Golden age due to philosophy, law, poetry, and

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