Why Is Aristotle's Reformation Important To The Scientific Revolution

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he Bible was considered the only truth in medieval times. People looked to the bible and the pope for information on how to live life, where they came from, what was moral, what was immoral, what happened before them, and what happened when they died. Sacred texts and the clergy were the only source of information for thousands of years.
Aristotle was a classical thinker. Europeans relied on two sources, the Catholic Bible and great scholars, Aristotle was one of the great philosopher of his time. He said that heavier objects fall faster to the ground quicker than lighter objects without any experiments or evidence. That idea seemed logical so no one questioned it until Galileo Galilei proved that theory wrong by dropping two different weight balls from The Leaning Tower. They both landed at the same time so that theory was wrong. …show more content…

This new age created the humanist movement, which stressed that one could follow personal interests and improve himself while being good christians. People began to think for themselves again and follow their personal interests and improve themselves, which set a new attitude towards life.
The Reformation was important to the Scientific Revolution, because if one has not thought about changing anything, no one would have thought about dissecting a human body, or experiment anything, because they would just think everything they were told was true, like Aristotle and his

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