John Calvin's Contribution To The Reformation

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John Calvin was born on July 10, 1509, in France and is known as a journalist and Theologian. Around the time he was going law school was the time he joined the Reformation. He was important in the Reformation because he was a spiritual and political leader. He was the person you implemented a religious government by using Protestant principles which resulted in him being the absolute supremacy leader in Geneva, Switzerland in 1555. Luther and Calvin were like a dynamic duo bringing great qualities to their reformation. He was supposedly doing good acts with his Christian policies, but he got a lot of people executed. Pretty much if you did not follow the religion Christianity, Calvin was like you are going to die because you believe in the wrong thing. He ended up creating a Presbyterianism in the rest of Europe with the help of other pastors. A Presbyterianism is explained as a church that …show more content…

Calvin contributed greatly to the reformation. One thing he did was getting the government to put church as a mandatory authority in their towns. The second thing he contributed to the reformation was more religion gestures about God and that resulted in Reformed churches. Throughout he kept up his status of his powerful leader in the Reformation. Not only was a big figure in the Reformation he changed a lot of things happening at this time. He showed a new religion to everyone. Even though this resulted in a lot of deaths I feel that this opened doors for excepting new things and not being so closed-minded. John Calvin, I feel did not do the best things, however, it really did start a new chapter in this time of history. John Calvin died on May 27, 1564 in the area he was supremacy leader known as Geneva, Switzerland. Calvin does not have a cemetery ground because it is unsure where he was buried. However, he will always have a legacy in the Protestant Reformation and be an important figure for this

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