How Did John Calvin Influence Humanism

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John Calvin was born on July 10, 1509, in Noyon, Picardy, France; he was known for being the most important figure while leading the second generation of the Protestant Reformation. He was born into a middle-class family, his father worked as a lay Administrator under the Bishop. While under the service of the Bishop they sent him to the University of Paris in 1523 to become educated on becoming a priest, but decided to become a lawyer in 1528, therefore, Calvin studied in Orleans and Bourges law schools. During these years of his life he was greatly exposed to Renaissance humanism, which was enforced by Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples and Erasmus; This constituted to the profound youth movement of the time. Calvin influenced Protestantism all around Europe and in North America by the …show more content…

In 1536 an Institute had given Calvin a reputation for the Protestant leaders, while Calvin spent the night in Genevalate, the preacher and reformer of Guillaume was creating Protestantism in the town. He persuaded him to continue to help in this line of work, his influence has not only persevered in the Church of England, where Calvin was greatly respected among those Puritans who were unfortunately separated from the Anglican Establishment, but also persisted in the Reformed churches of France, Scotland, Hungary, Germany, and the Netherlands. The latter was formulated into their own personal churches, Congregational or Presbyterian, which is what eventually brought Calvinism to North America. Even in today’s modern society these wonderful churches, along with the authentic Reformed Church and German Evangelical, recognize John Calvin as one of their founding fathers.

William Tyndale

William Tyndale was an English scholar who became a leading figure in the Protestant Reformation, his date of birth is unknown but most likely

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