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In the 16th century, European continue to arrive in Africa. Castle was built along the coast of West Africa by seven European nations. The Europeans discovered the wealth in Africa such as plantation and mining. To achieve their goals and to maximize their profits, the Europeans used slave labor. They were unable to use slave labor in Europe so therefore they turned to Africa. During the slave trade it was inhumane and violence, million of African people and children were taken away from their home to work in the new world. The slave trade took away many productive workers from Africa which they are skilled in farming and other establishment. The captain of the ship would try to enlarge their profit by trying to fit as many slaves as possible in the new world. Sometime slaves are captured and placed into dungeon with other captives. People would protests to be released but the two kings was corrupted and demanding …show more content…

The missionary goal was to try to convert African people to Christianity. There was social changes such as religion, especially in the 1880s. In the early 19th century, Christianity had a large amount of followers and have spread the religion across Africa. According to Boahen, in the 19th century there was only three missionary societies that was administering in West Africa, particularly the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, the Wesleyan Missionary Society, and the Glasgow and Scottish Missionary Society (Boahen). In addition, missionary also translated the bible into various African languages and try to teach different types of skills to the people in the matter that they have education, tailoring, trading and more. In the 1880’s, Christianity have play an important role in African activities, most of the African people do not follow their ancestor custom. At this time people dressed like the European and the people also have access to modern

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