Shooting An Elephant Imperialism Analysis

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Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell, this story is the true meaning of imperialism. A character in this story is set to shoot the elephant and if he doesn't shoot the elephant he will be humiliated. Therefore, because of this he shoots the elephant to avoid humiliation. Europe’s main goal was so be greater than the rest of the world, that included both economy and technology. If they could not accomplish this goal they would feel like a total failure.. Europeans forced their way of life onto Africa (example of ethnocentrism) because they saw themselves as superior, they made Africans change their ways. And if they were to disobey, the africans were shot. In the late 19th century, Europeans countries would compete to control the most land…show more content…
Many people think that this is due to all the natural resources such a rubber,cotton,iron, and coppor found in Africa. The natural resources that were found by the Europeans were able to be sold and made a profit of. Africa had many factors that led to the Europeans imperialism, cultural benefits, greater political security, and economics. Economic factors was a driving force behind imperialism because the imperialists were in need for natural resources to improve their technology and their national pride. Another factor for imperialism was political competition. They felt as if they needed to feel superior to the other countries. The countries that held African colonies by 1914 were the British, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Belgian, and the Spanish. France and Britain had captured the most African colonies. Although this was selfish, Europe gained wealth and power because of the imperialism. In document A there was increasing nationalism in Europe, and in document B Europeans wanted riches and glory which lead to competition in Europe. They wanted to keep up with their neighbors and this was important to them. Europeans wanted African materials like rubber which wasn't available to them in Europe, they also wanted to create new markets for their goods, this would have led them to great wealth for their nations. Europeans were able to use natural resources to make money, or also…show more content…
Before imperialism there were: large kingdoms, small villages, sheredes/chefs, some had large herds and cattle, good educated, islamic rulers, and people who worshipped gods. Europeans disrupted traditional ways and impeded their beliefs and social structures on colonized africa. Africa was changed into a caste system where racial, ethnic, and religious differences were of extreme significance, as enforced by European law. The structure and business of the African economy was directed by what the colonial powers felt was needed. The European powers blended with the African society and inflicted them by their supposedly superior way of life. This caused an immense amount of tension within the regions. Africans were stripped of many rights such as freedom, speech, and religion. In addition, Africans lost the right to work for themselves and were forced by the Europeans to do labor inside mines or to collect rubber plus other plants from the wild. Homes and land were transferred to the power of the British and the natives could not do anything about it. The Europeans did not care for the social state of the Africans before acting inhumane, as it was for the sole purpose of taking away africans to use them as miners. In conclusion, to the three driving reasons of imperialism in Africa. Economy, where the Europeans came and took control of what they wanted in ability for them to succeed. Technology, when the Europeans
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