Driving Force Behind European Imperialism In Africa

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What was the driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa? Between 1500 and 1800 the Europeans knew little about the interior of Africa their presence was to buy and sell slaves for pots, cloth, and weapons and set sail to America. Late as 1870 ten percent of Africa was under Europeans control and most was along edges by 1914 ninety percent of Africa was in control four years later. Due to the countries that held African colonies in 1914 that involved the British, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spain, and Belgian. France and Britain were the main conquer in African colonies, because there conqueror of land in Africa. Founded in document D African colonies and their exports. Economic factors were more of a driving force behind imperialism since the imperialists were in search of natural resources for improving technology and their national pride. The Europeans went to Africa because of their many resources and their quantities of gold, fur, and yarn all superior resources for the Europeans. Africa had dealt with European …show more content…

Great Britain and South Saharan Africa imports and exports document E shows that the African colony wasn 't the best with money instead they would trade which is the main reason the Europeans took over. Imports from Africa were less while exports rose high. Great Britain made up to three million British pounds in 1854 and twenty-one in 1900 from import and export. African slaves were additionally being used to work British owned plantations in the colonies. Over all trading was a link to natural resources. Although the driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa was trading slaves, gold, and ivory through the west coast of Africa and was under full assault as European nations competed for control. The Europeans also agreed to certain principles regarding colonization that which included free trade, elimination of slavery, respect for each others territorial claims, and improving the moral and material well-being of

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