Dbq Essay On African American Imperialism

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Imperialism In Africa Imperialism was a huge advancement for Europeans in the nineteenth century. Europeans sought to colonize Africa in search for raw materials and markets. Colonies in Africa were affected negatively by Imperialism, it brought many problems regarding military, economic, and social changes to the African society. Warfare, natives losing their land, and foreigners degrading the natives were all significant effects that were bad for the Africans. Each of these dramatic changes were brought on by the Europeans and hurt Africa in many ways. First, when the white people first conquered the African countries, they made many changes that upset them. “The period of imperialism has witnessed many wars. Most of these wars have been …show more content…

They stripped the natives of their responsibility, “Colonialism’s greatest misdeed was to have tried to strip us of our responsibility in conducting our own affairs and convince us that our civilization was nothing less than savagery,” (document 2). They also mistreated the natives greatly. They would force them to conduct labor, separate families, and often murder people. “The White Man killed my father…” (document 5). The atmosphere of violence and turbulence became a part of the colony’s living environment. It became so bad that the Europeans did not treat the Africans as real people. They thought that they couldn’t run their own civilization and stripped them of their basic human rights. “Whereas fundamental human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of worship, freedom to live a full abundant life… are denied to Africans through the activities of Imperialists” (document 3). The Europeans thought they were better because of their race so they enforced their power by taking away essential human rights. By taking away the humanity of the colonies, imperialism also extracted the happiness and serenity of the African

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