Essay On African Slavery

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How big of impact could slavery have done to Africa at least that’s what they said? The slave trade had huge and horrible impact on Africa because it resulted in a tremendous loss of life, Africa has not developed economically as a result of the Slave trade, and Africa still suffers and is unable to provide food and water for its people. Africa had a huge loss of people but to be exact “nearly 90 percent of the Africans in these two major regions came from only four zones in Africa.”(“The Transatlantic Slave Trade”, para 48) all had to go even against their will 10 million enslaved men, women, and children from West and East Africa to North Africa, the Middle East, and India. (“Slavery in Africa”, para 13) The people had to do hard work for the Americans for free or if they fought back they would’ve been killed or worse. The slaves did America a huge favor since they weren’t allowed to stop working, they got a lot of work done which let America have so much crop and material that the African Americans did for them. The people didn’t disserve the cruel and unreasonable punishment that they received. The …show more content…

"The slave trade actually prevented the coming into being of an agrarian revolution in Ghana, and likewise an industrial revolution. Because before you can industrialize you need to have stable agricultural production.” (“Slavery 's long effects on Africa”, para 6) Since during that time they got attacked to kidnap people and burn places they had nothing to start living. “The period between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries was a time of economic stagnation for Africa, which fell further and further behind the economic progress of Europe as the years passed by.” (“Riches & Misery: The Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade”, para 5) They were so behind everyone else since the workers where working elsewhere. Africa was left in the dust compared to its competitors which took time for them to

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