Argumentative Essay On Fake News

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Jack Mahler Mrs. Davis English 2 3/5/18 Fake News Imagine a world in which anyone can can access information instantaneously, now imagine that the people in this world that supply the information decide to use this power to spread lies faster than ever, now stop imagining because this world is actually our own. Now that the internet is more accessible than ever people are taking advantage of it to further their own agendas. A very recent example of this is pizzagate, a story about how a little pizza place in Washington DC was running a child sex ring in their basement and that the owner had a criminal record. This story was fabricated of course but the repercussions were awful. If fake news is going to continue to be a problem then we need to find a way to get people to stop people from buying into it. The spread of false information or “fake news” in today’s society is creating mobs of people with uninformed or misguided rage that causes them to abandon rational thinking. For example the aforementioned awful repercussions of pizzagate came to a head when It was reported that “the Washington DC pizzeria Comet Ping Pong fell victim to fake news in 2016 when false internet stories claimed the restaurant was operating a child sex ring. Responding to the story an armed vigilante entered the pizzeria and began firing a rifle”(Currie 6). It has clear that this is a problem that can affect anyone from big name politicians to small time pizza places. Fake news preys on the poor

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