Argumentative Essay On Slavery

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Slavery through the eyes of activists On December fifteenth, in eighteen sixty-five, the United States abolished slavery with the thirteenth amendment. Powerful individuals such as Frederick Douglass, David Walker, Nat Turner, Sojourner Truth, and Benjamin Banneker were people that longed to see the day that they would be free from slavery. Although these five individuals were never in contact with one another they all shared the same drive and motivation to change the way people viewed slavery for the better. These individuals accomplished their goal of changing slavery with a strong belief in god, a strong political voice and a light in them that never died. Religion and its relationship to slavery is a contradictive subject, whether it was forced upon slaves or was a form of hope and freedom is still commonly debated about to this day. However, these individuals were devoted Christians in the abolitionist movement who all …show more content…

Although Banneker (1797) was not a slave he always referred to himself as one, he believed that he was on the same level of his people and felt the need to fight alongside them. Banneker (1791)cannot comprehend why the people of religious beliefs do not take a stand with the people of darker complexion, he acknowledges that people of lighter complexion are entitled to their rights of human nature more than the people of the darker complexion (p 51).Banneker (1791) says “ I hope you cannot but acknowledge, that it is the indispensable duty of those who maintain for themselves the rights of human nature and who profess the obligations of the Christianity to extend their influence to the relief of every part of the human race (p 51)”. Banneker (1791) desperately wants for people of religious beliefs and lighter complexion to stand up against slavery and in essence practice what they

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