Argumentative Essay: The Banning Genetically Modified Products

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Argumentative Essay of The Bann Genetically Modified Products Tremendous increases in the world’s population have led to the shortage of the food supplies. In such situation Genetically Modified products might help to fulfill the needs. According to Bertheau and Davison, “The United States grows 55% of GM crops, followed by Argentina (19%), Brazil (10%), Canada (7%) and China (4%)” (2012, p.4). That shows how GMOs production is spreading throughout the continents. Many people don’t know the difference between organic products and genetically modified products. Organic products are products that undergo the traditional techniques of farming while the Genetically Modified products are products from organisms that have had specific changes in…show more content…
The damage done by GMOs to the environment might result in the death of these living creatures; due to such effects genetically modified crops should be banned. Some people may argue that the technology used in the production of genetically modified crops helped the farmers when the use chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides when they work. In addition, such chemicals also affect the animals present in farms not just the farmers, so the new technology of GMOs helped living creatures to survive in farms. According to Phipps and park, “In the 1970’s the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that there were globally 500,000-pesticide poisonings/year, resulting in 5,000 deaths” (2002, p.2). This shows clearly the danger of the usage of poisonous pesticides or insecticides that the farming of genetically modified crops helps in avoiding the usage of such chemicals, therefore GMOs are considered to be ecofriendly. On the other hand, I disagree with such thought, because I believe that if pesticides and insecticides are used the way it should be done the poisoning of farmers and animals won’t be an issue. Moreover, I think that the usage of such poisonous chemicals should be used under the supervision of the responsible authority. Most of the poisoning incidents are results of the insufficient knowledge of the danger and the effects of such chemicals or even due to the of safety utensils (Philipps &Park, 2002, p.2). Another study showed that the technology of GMOs didn’t help in the reduction of the amount of pesticides used. As stated by Ho and Sirinathsinghji, “USDA data showed that GM crops increase pesticide use by 50 million pounds from 1996 to 2003 in the United States” (2008, p.4). Another negative effect of GMOs on our environment is that it makes sever damage to the wild life. As mentioned by Ando and
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