Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Jonbenet Ramsey

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For legal reasons I will not state who I think committed the crime, but I will provide evidence pointing towards each person For the past 21 years America has been dumbfounded by the killing of an innocent pageant queen. JonBenet Ramsey a 6-year old child was horrendously murdered on December 25, 1996. A ransom note was left on the stairs of her house. Patricia Ramsey, her mother, woke up and went downstairs to make coffee, but instead found the ransom not on the staircase. Immediately after reading it Patricia Ramsey called the police reporting JonBenet as missing. The police arrived at their house and less than 8 hours later her body was found in the basement of their Colorado home. The suspects of this horrendous crime are John Ramsey, Patricia Ramsey, and her 9-year old brother Durke Ramsey. The killing of an innocent girl will haunt the history of America until this case is solved. So, who committed this horrendous crime? JonBenet Ramsey was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She won her first competition at 4 years old at the Colorado State All- Star Kids Pageant. A few months later she won the Little Miss Charlevoix pageant in Charlevoix, Michigan, where the Ramsey family used to go for vacation. She later went and took first place at the Little Miss Colorado, America’s Royale Miss, and National Tiny Miss Beauty. Many pageant organizers believed …show more content…

Something that is not used as evidence is that JonBenet had gone to the doctor over 30 times because of a yeast infection and vaginal problems. A 5-year old child had vaginal problems. That’s not normal unless there is someone sexually abusing her. There are many theories saying that maybe John had been sexually abusing her for a while and one day it went further than he would have liked. He accidentally killed her, since Patsy loved him very much, they helped each other out. I might have not been the best decision, but love is

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