Arguments Against Communism In Jaws

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Throughout the history of the United States the citizens have always been afraid of Communism. Since the first Red Scare the government has passed laws such as the Espionage or the Sedition Acts to prevent the spread into the United States as much as possible. Ironically While everyone is trying so hard to prevent this they are being greedy and selfish, two emotions that Marxism would help fix. The same problem persists in Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg, after the first shark attack, the police chief wants to close down all the beaches until they know more but the mayor insists they keep the beaches open to increase revenue. The shark represents the stimulant for change of the town because it has grown too selfish and greedy. The shark is there to draw the people back to their roots because their lust for money is blinding them from their safety.
The setting is a small Island off the coast of New England where late one night a group of teenagers are relaxing on a beach having a good time. One couple decide to go skinny dipping but while the girl gets in the boy collapses because he is drunk. The girl continues out farther away from the shoreline where she eventually stops to tread water. The camera switches to an unseen object which is …show more content…

The island was becoming to grow to big financially for its own good, hence why Jaws came. Jaws was there to give the mayor the idea that money is not everything. Human lives are not worth the extra green and by the end of the movie the mayor got the message and spent more money to send Sam Quint off to capture the shark. Also if anyone had found out that the mayor had been harboring knowledge that an aggressive shark was present but did not do anything about it, he could have lost his job or maybe sued. Either way he took off more than he could chew and deserved all

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