As I Lay Dying Literary Analysis Essay

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As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner In the excerpt from William Faulkner’s Southern novel, As I Lay Dying the author structures his novel through the use of literary features such as allusion, similes a belittling yet humorous tone, concrete imagery and a stream of consciousness style in the passage. Faulkner throughout the passage not only describes Cash’s reserved character and Darls perspective imagination but he also foreshadows the struggle the Bundren’s will go through as they prepare to go on the journey of burying Addie. First, Faulkner has the speaker Darl create a gloomy mood by using similes to display the ambiance in the room. Then Faulkner alludes to the bible and uses concrete imagery to illustrate both the surroundings and Cash’s concentration and determination as he makes his mother’s coffin. Next, using a stream of consciousness narration, Faulkner has Darl narrate the preparation room of Addie’s’ coffin with specific details about his surroundings almost as if he was actually there when he says …show more content…

“No; the other one. He puts the saw down and comes and picks up the plank he wants, sweeping pa away” Darl treats his father with disrespect which foreshadows Addi’s revenge on Anse. By reading the beginning chapters we see how Faulkner shows Anse as uncaring and selfish. One of the reasons why Cash shows resentment to his father is because Anse stands idly by and pretends to be working while all he is doing is getting in his way like when he recounts that him and Vernon were looking for the saw and he whole time Anse had it. This leads to Cash asking his father to go inside and Anse describes Cash’s face as though it had been “carved by a savage caricaturist” instead of using words such as frightening and angry he uses this diction to show the intensity of Cash’s

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