Happy Ending In William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

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In the novel, As I lay dying by William Faulkner, the Bundren family go through a mental journey of loss and death of their mother later to go on a physical journey to bury their mother. To the conclusion of any novel, many have an opinion on what is much happy or not a happy ending. In the case of the ending to As I lay dying, include no real burial of how the mother wanted, which was the point of the physical journey in the first place, secrets comes out, one of the five the siblings gets taken away, and many are left with unfinished business, was not a happy at all for most of the characters.
The novel is narrated by 15 characters that are not all part of the Bundren family but in some way connected. Telling the story and own mental process …show more content…

For example, Darl the one brother that got taken to a mental hospital for being different and more kept to himself was singled out as crazy. Another example is Jewel who by the end of the novel finds out that his life believing that his father is someone else despite everyone else in the family being connected by now the dead mother.
Should the ending be determined by how the characters might have felt like, or the satisfaction/ feeling that the author what to convey to the reader? Then everyone’s idea of the book would be different. In only the case of the character there would only limited to who actually got a happy ending in the novel: only two characters out of the 15 or so had a happy ending. The rest not so happy and in all honesty those who did not deserve a happy ending got one. The tragic lesson that in life, happy endings for the “good guys” only happen in fairy

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