Assembly Line Thesis

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Ruby Cole
Dr. Morris
Modern World History

The innovation of the assembly line revolutionized the efficiency of mass production, radically changing the 19th century both industrially and socially. An assembly line is a sequence of workers or machines arranged to work along a moving belt. In the 1900’s Henry Ford gained inspiration from meat factories, with each worker or machine dealing with the cutting of a certain part of the animal meat. He then utilized this process in his own factory, eventually expanding across America, eventually internationally, creating a working middle class.
One of the biggest improvements assembly lines brough was the speed up in production. With less expertise, time and expense being used, factories were …show more content…

In the 19th century Ford sought opportunity in “colorlines" , a set of societal or legal barriers that segregated people of color from white people., and gender divisions. He soon trademarked his “make men” quote, and began disproportionately hiring Immigrant workers only to form his version of “Americanizing” on them. Ironically, at the time, Ford stood as a public figure to equality between races - that all men are equal. This then brought more and more immigrants to work for Ford, giving Ford a hero esque. “Ford deliberately sought out a labor force of men it understood as being “mixed-race.”11 Thus the energy that drives this book derives from the assertion that the assembly line’s most advanced expressions proved compatible with a spectrum of white supremacist practice and ideology.”Ford's “Americanizing” of immigrant workers was his way of doing what was best for them (Welfare capitalist?) This context is of great importance as it is pertinent to know the true intentions of capitalists. WHat may seem genuine may be done to benefit the company. Soon Ford had thousands of workers worldwide, producing nine thousand vehicles …show more content…

Additionally, the timing of Ford's public support for racial political activism and Anti - semitism is uncanny to the other movements happening simultaneously. In fact, Ford did have some positive output, consolidating the racial reality in Brazil and South Africa. He also gave jobs to large amounts of immigrant workers, allowing their transition to America. Another way Ford was able to gain capital includes his innovation of the $5.
Over doubling the pay wage of an average factory worker at the time Ford gave the idea of hiring persons for $5 per eight hours of work. Ford thought that with a greater incentive, workers would work harder and faster. He was correct, the results were immediate, with thousands of potential workers lining up for the repetitive work. Soon a working middle class was created, bringing more and more money to Ford’s company and America. "It was mainly to stabilize the workforce. And it sure did," Kreipke, a corporate historian for the Ford Motor Co.

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