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Imagine a world where World War 2 took two more years, four million more people died, and the U.S. didn’t drop the atomic bomb. All of this would have happened if we didn’t drop the atomic bomb when we did. The U.S. did the right thing by dropping the bomb because if we didn’t drop it more lives would have been lost, we would have ran out of supplies, and finally Japan attacked the U.S. first with zero warning. Many people think the atomic bomb shouldn’t have been dropped but our group thinks it was necessary to do to save our country. - Ben

First, the U.S. should have dropped the bomb on Japan because without the bomb, more lives could have been lost from both sides. Document B states, “a few more days would mean more lives lost.” If Japan …show more content…

should have dropped the bomb because Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor without any warning. We did know that Japan was going to attack somewhere in the Pacific, however, we did not know where they were going to attack. Japan had also pretended to be friends with America, so the attack on Pearl Harbor was unexpected. The attack on Pearl Harbor cost thousands of American lives, and hundreds of American ships and planes. President Roosevelt declared that day as “a date which will live in infamy.” This quote shows that the attack on Pearl Harbor was devastating to the United States and to the American naval forces. It was also said in The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt that “No matter how long it may take us . . . the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.” This meant that America would win the war eventually, no matter how long it would take or what it would take. For us to win the war, it meant that we had to drop the atomic bomb on Japan in order to get them to surrender. Therefore, we dropped the atomic bomb on Japan without warning because they attacked us at the beginning of the war with no warning. …show more content…

was right in dropping the bomb is because if we didn’t, then we had the possibility of losing supplies. If we were to fight on the front then we would have to supply our men with weapons, food, and clothing, making it hard to keep supplies in stock for the people back home. Paul Fussell states, “The people who preferred invasion to A-Bombing seemed to have no intention of proceeding to the Japanese front themselves”. This quote shows that people didn’t want to fight on the front so it would be a waste of our supplies that we could use for something else. And one of the most important reasons of why we would’ve run out of supplies is because trade was slow and not many countries wanted to trade so we wouldn’t have sufficient supplies. A quote from the article Stopping Russia says, “Byrnes was concerned about Russia's post war behavior.” This shows that trade would’ve stopped between countries. -

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