Atomic Bomb Dbq Essay

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War is the destruction of society that will allow us to learn and rebuild. December 7, 1941 in Hawaii the many United States soldiers were sleeping. It was tranquil. The Japanese had many planes over the island which brought the start of a long terrible war. The way of the warrior with the Bushido mentality “Fight to the death” was what the Japanese brought with them while they fought. Although the dropping of the Atomic bomb ended the war quickly it was not justified because it was morally and ethically wrong, Japan was ready to surrender, and it led to the start of nuclear warfare. The dropping of the Atomic bomb introduced nuclear warfare. “From this point of view, the way in which the nuclear weapons, now secretly developed in this country, …show more content…

”The Japanese government may be searching for some opportunity which they could use as a medium of surrender. Doc 7)” The Japanese people worshiped their emperor like a god, and at the thought of him losing control made them not want to consider surrendering. They wanted to find a way out of the war without sacrificing Hirohito's control. “Our B-29s had destroyed most of the Japanese industries and, with the laying of mines, which prevented the arrival of incoming cargoes of critical items, had made it impossible for Japan to carry on a large-scale war (Doc 9)” Japan was in a critical state they would have no choice but to surrender which shows why the U.S had no need to drop the …show more content…

“The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki put an end to the Japanese war.(Doc 3)” Although the Japanese were struggling and close to having to surrender there was no telling how long it would take. The bomb struck them one final time which left them with no choice but to surrender immediately. No one was impunity. “For Americans in uniform and those who waited for them to come home, outrageous as this might appear from the moral heights of hindsight, it was a sunburst of deliverance.(Doc 5)” The thought of the war being over after the long years of fighting and death brought joy to think that they themselves or their loved ones may come home soon. “It stopped the fire raids, and the strangling blockade; it ended the ghastly specter of a clash of great land armies. (Doc 3)” The Atomic bomb was a final hit of destruction that could not come close to the amount of damage that the entire war has caused that put an end to the pain, suffering, and

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