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Alcatraz Island? I’m sure not many things pop into your head when you see those words, as things might more when someone mentions the
Holocaust. It’s not some world changing piece of history or anything major like that, but I’d have to say that after my fair share of research, it was not that boring. Alcatraz was and still is a island in the chilly Waters of
California’s San Francisco Bay. It housed some of America 's most dangerous felons from 1899 through 1947. Those dangerous felons included, Robert “Birdman of Alcatraz” Stroud from 1890 through 1963.
That is seventy-three years of being stuck at a prison, crazy right? After quite some years the prison was shut down due to the operating costs being out of this world expensive. After …show more content…

This violent escape attempt led to the death of two correctional officers and three inmates. They had also claimed it as a federal penitentiary. It was later on labeled “The Battle Of Alcatraz”, even though there were multiple battles in Alcatraz. They more than likely just labeled it that because it was the most vicious and violent battle. In June of 1962 three inmates climbed through a hole they had formed into the wall of the prison, and gotten out of it in some way without getting noticed. Seeing how protective the guards were it is shocking that they did not get noticed. The three were Frank Morris, Clarence Anglin, and John
Anglin. And yes those are the same Anglin twins that were founded fifty years later, and noticed to have been alive all of that time. The prove to the
Anglin brothers still being alive was that there nephews had finally cracked the case and admitted to them not having been dead that whole time. They had actually been alive and healthy all through the mid-1970’s. To answer the question I just know that you have of how they escaped, it turned out that they had placed dummies under their blankets to make

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