Battle Of Gettysburg Dbq

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In the town of Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, 3,000 Union soldiers prepared to face 60,000 Confederate soldiers in battle. The Battle of Gettysburg is known to have been the day the Union regained its ground. An estimated 50,000 soldiers were killed, captured or wounded. The battle turned out to be a crushing defeat for the Confederacy. However, if the Confederacy turned out to be successful in conquering the Union at Gettysburg, the outcome of the Civil War would have been different than things turned out to be. If the South had won at Gettysburg, the ultimate outcome of the war would have changed because the United States would have been divided into two countries, one economically sufficient without slaves and the other economically deprived with slaves. The North and the South had different intentions when it came to slavery policies. The Union was anti-slavery while the Confederacy was pro-slavery, separating the states into two countries. While the North had industries and the South had plantations, the South was dependent on slaves to work the fields whereas the North was independent. The Union and the Confederacy could both have functioned independently due to the resources each side was provided with. If the South had won at Mississippi, Lincoln would not have proposed his act against 10 percent of all plantation owners of 1860 …show more content…

Economically the South was damaged with an inflation of $1.5 billion due to heavy finances from the war. If the South had been victorious rather than the North, it would not have led the North to the opportunity of helping the South in urban growth. A new urban middle class of merchants, railroad promoters, and bankers reaped the benefits of the spread of cotton production in the postwar South (Foner, 565). Reconstruction brought about profound changes in the lives of southerners, black and white, rich and poor (Foner,

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