Behind The Smiles Are The Tears Analysis

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Behind the Smiles are the Tears
Everyone knows at least one person who frequently uses self-deprecating humor. People respond with laughter, and it passes for a nice joke, but there is true pain hiding behind the joker 's smile. This can become offensive if someone other than that one person speaks about an insecurity they have. The side effect being, possibly, depression which could lead to self-harm. It is important to note that Cyrano’s character is displayed as a well-known poet and cadet who is commonly in trouble. He is also easy to speak to, however while speaking to his one true love, Roxane, it becomes difficult for him for to express his true feelings. Making it easier for him to just tell Christian, Roxane’s love interest, what to …show more content…

He is a beautiful man, as described by Roxane in this story. However Roxane believes that Christian is not only beautiful, but he is also a scholarly, poetic man. Christian discovered that Roxane thinks so highly of him and thinks he will never truly meet Roxane’s high requirements because he is truly no a intellectual person. The reader first meets Christian at the beginning of the play, everyone attending the play is rolling in. In the play while everyone is coming in the reader reads parts of certain conversations from random characters. Then Ligniere, the town 's drunk, speaks to Christian, after seeing him stare at Roxane, for what seems like forever. “Ah! I fear me she is coquettish, and over nice and fastidious!”, Hearing this Christian is frightened, and becomes nervous because he is talking about his crush, he stammers, “who am so poor of wit, how dare I speak to her--how address her? This language that they speak to-day--ay, and write--confounds me. I am but an honest soldier, and timid withal. She has ever her place,there, on the right--the empty box, see you!” It is noticeable that Christian is infatuated Roxane. Right from the beginning of the play, everyone knows Christian knows right away what his feelings are about

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