Cyrano De Bergerac Qualities

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Has one ever met someone who would gladly help someone else and fight a group of attacker one hundred to one. Well this is the type of person Cyrano was.He was born an adventurous child and was always get hurt or in trouble play fighting with sticks. This played a part that In Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand, Cyrano is the perfect example of a gentleman with his respect of others, pride, and noble status. The first trait that shows that Cyrano is the perfect example of a gentleman is his pride.In act I scene IV he accepted that he had a big nose. He said it was a sign of pride and many other traits of respected leaders. To be a gentleman you have to respect yourself before other people can respect you. Also during act IV scene IV Cyrano told De Guiche that he would left his white plume on and continued fighting. This showed that Cyrano valued his pride over his life. …show more content…

People respect Cyrano because of his status as being a commander of a regiment.This is shown in act I scene I when Ragueneau states his position with Cuigy. His position shows that Cyrano is a gentleman because being nobleman heightens people's respect because of one's position. Being a england nobleman was the equivalent of being rich in america so he was treated as a rich person.As a result people saw nobleman as a high class hard to reach and that why they held Cyrano so high. Finally the last trait that Cyrano shows that shows that Cyrano is a gentleman is that he has respect for others.This is a flaw in many gentlemen in the play because as much as they are respected people still belittle them as shown in act I scene II. But Cyrano has respect for people as shown in the pastry shop. In act II scene V Cyrano tells Lise that Ragenou is to much of a friend to him to let her have a affair with the musketeer. This shows that Cyrano cares for other people than himself. This is a needed thing to be a

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