Being An Outsiders In The Scarlet Letter

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Not belonging is the greatest fear for most but some people thrive when they are alone but others drive themselves crazy being alone. The experience of being an outsider isn't universal due to varying amounts of psychological strength people possess. When it comes to the idea of being an outsider that is all that it is an idea that is placed in your mind by others or yourself causing some to feel left out but others to flourish. Often people that are outsiders all they want is to be able to conform to society often losing who they are in the process. There are people though that don’t want to belong they believe that what makes them different really just makes them stronger and that they don’t need a mold to fit into because they make their…show more content…
This can cause some people to flourish due to their immense psychological strength that they possess. Throughout the story of the Scarlet letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, this is shown through the character of Hester Prine, she was given a scarlet A that was placed on the Bosom of her dress due to her having a baby with another man. This symbol heald pain for her but to others, it was a sign of shame but slowly throughout the book, Hester became stronger and stronger until the letter began to mean able or even angle to the people around her. This is just one example of people that have thrived because of their great amount of strength Hester was able to persuade the others to see her as someone who wasn't just an adulteress but someone who was able to succeed and break the form. “Students mocked Tim Gunn’s love making things; now, he is a fashion icon with the recognizable catchphrase “Make it work” (Robbins 225). People that are held on this silver pedestal above us that we all want to be such as celebrity Tim Gunn’s often have endured the pain of not belonging. “J.K. Rowling, author of the bestselling “Harry Potter” series, has described herself as a bullied child “who lived mostly in books and daydreams” (Robbins 225). Just because we now view people to be amazing doesn't mean that at one point in time they had to endure the pain of their ideas being rejected. Some people take the pain of being an outsider and turn it into motivation such as the stories stated above, but due to the lack of psychological strength others
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