Beowulf Argumentative Essay

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1.When Grendel “plunges” into meatball, he is confident, carefree and careless knowing he is going to have a delicious dinner. “I am swollen with excitement, bloodlust, and joy”. The parenthetical remarks emphasize his thoughts and emotions running through his head. When Grendel is snatching his men one by one for dinner, he mentions, “I reach for another one(whispering, whispering, chewing the universe down to words!)”. 2.Grendel’s initial response to Beowulf grabbing him is that this was a mistake. He states, “A shock goes through me. Mistake!”. Grendel realizes he has been tricked because Beowulf’s eyes were open. What disturbs Grendel most is when Beowulf whispers to him “spilling words like showers of sleet, his mouth three inches from my ear. I will not listen. I continue whispering. As long as I whisper myself I need not hear”. This affects Grendel so much because Beowulf speaks of Grendel 's death being near. Beowulf exclaims, “By that I kill you”. 3. Beowulf views the world is the reality of what it …show more content…

When Grendel says “I will cling to what is true” he means he is hanging onto the thought of this whole situation being an accident. “His whispering follows me into the wood, though I’ve outrun him. “It was an accident,” I bellow back. I will cling to what is true”. Thinking him dying was an accident provides Grendel with comfort as a way to escape Beowulf 's whispers. Grendel believes Beowulf cheated and him being defeated was an accident. He shouts out, “If you win, it 's by mindless chance. Make no mistake. First you tricked me, and then I slipped. Accident.”. Grendel seems to want to fall of nightmare cliff, the darkness is dragging him closer to the edge. “I seem to desire the fall, and though I fight it with all my will I know in advance that I can 't win”. Grendel 's final words wish all of his enemies the same situation as him, which is death by a trick. Before his final breaths he exclaims, “Poor Grendel had an accident,” I whisper. “So may

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