Beowulf's Accomplishments Essay

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Beowulf, son of Higlac, was an epic hero and a good man. He did many noble deeds throughout his life. He saved the Danes, and he fought the dragon in his perishing battle. His ever expanding glory will never be burned in a pyre no matter how big. His accomplishments exceed the expectation of an average man. Herot stands tall because of him and the Danes are alive because of him. His life was long, and he left tidal waves in his wake. His perishing moments were in victory, and the ruler of all life will greet him soon. His godly glory true as gold. During one instance we had a swim. Beowulf was not known well for his swimming talent, though it was plentiful. He and I made it through many long, frigid nights during that swim, and never was Beowulf incapable. Throughout a weeklong journey across the whale-road he “Carried a naked / Sword prepared for whales or the swift / Sharp teeth and beaks of needlefish.” (537-539). Beowulf knew …show more content…

The dragon used fire and flame against the Geats however Beowulf never backed away from a fight, in fact, he never took anyone else into a fight with him. After 50 winters as king Beowulf was “Still brave, still strong, / And with his shield at his side, and a mail shirt at his breast, / stood calmly and confidently toward the tower” (2538-2540). Beowulf even in old age never feared a fight and never feared to lose. He stood into battle with no sword, only as a shield. He was a brave man and knew the best way to fight, is with confidence. Beowulf will always be remembered as an epic hero and a good man. His abilities with a sword, were known to the Geats and his bravery unwavering. Truly a great king to the Geats protecting them till his last dying breath. Beowulf stood fifty winters as king and was still the strongest fighter in Geatland. His power was god given and his victories decided by fate. His death was undeserved, and

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