Bernice Bobs Her Hair

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“Bernice Bobs Her Hair” is a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald that reflects on the summer visit of two wealthy cousins in the 20’s. Marjorie is one of the main characters she is one of the more popular girls in town; her cousin Bernice is her cousin who is visiting for the summer, Bernice is bad at almost anything that comes with being social especially keeping a conversation and is socially awkward even though she is pretty she is quit “dopless”. Bernice starts taking lessons from her cousin in no time she is becoming socially adept,the boys start to like Bernice more than Majorie which causes some tension and like any family jealousy she dares Bernie to bob her hair.In the 20’s to bob your hair was not heard of often it was seen as not …show more content…

With the right to vote, consumer based culture, leisure time, and modernism, women who followed these new practices and ideals created the flapper image of the roaring twenties we know today. In Fitzgerald’s story he describes the girls almost wanting to be flappers to me it seems as if in almost all of Fitzgerald’s books he has a girl who is the opposite of what her society wants her to be like and is leaning towards the lifestyle of a flapper girl it's like they are all the same person or have many of the same characteristic in “ The Great Gatsby” which is one of my favorite books, Jordan Baker is a golfer who represents what the new woman is which is cynical,boyish, and self centered. She kinda reminds me of how Beatrice and Marjorie are at the end. They had almost every iconic element of a flapper besides the bobbed hair,but they loved to party at the end , they dance to jazz music, was cut-in every few feet on the dance floor, was always wearing the latest fashions, and was all over casual dating. With this new flashy and flirtatious attitude and charm that young women

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