Jordan Baker Character Analysis

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Portfolio Reflections
Item 3: Character Map The character I thought had a lot of significance in the novel, but was not a main character was Jordan Baker. Jordan Baker was Daisy’s friend who grew up with her. She is famous for golf and that is how the narrator, Nick, recognizes her. She is rather arrogant and it is revealed later in the novel that she is very dishonest. She is Nick’s love interest through most of the novel and is in many pivotal scenes including the climax. Jordan Baker represents the “new women” of the 1920s. She wore shorter dresses and had shorter hair. She was also very self-centered and arrogant which also represents the 1920s according to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Jordan represents Fitzgerald 's theme of decay. She shows the corruption of the American dream and the decay of morality in the 1920s. Jordan’s significance in the novel is to play love interest for Nick and to tell us the story of Gatsby and Daisy. She is the one who is always there seeming to lurk and is very observant. She serves the purpose of filling in plot holes for the reader and an explanation to things that are unknown to us as the readers. Without her in this story Gatsby would not have met with Daisy for tea at Nick’s house. Without Jordan the plot would fail to make logical sense.

Item 5: Agree/Disagree Chart The first point on the agree/disagree chart is daydreams can be more real than reality. I had originally said that I disagreed with that statement. I believe I was
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