Ambition In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby’s dreams and aspirations in life are rather interesting and amazing as he goes about his life in the book. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald helps highlight the social, moral, and political issue that were very present during the 1920’s and today. Gatsby is the focus of the book as before the book began, he was an ex-soldier who came to wealth by some rather illegal ways. Daisy a married woman is his person of interest, who was his ex-lover 5 years before the book started. Gatsby’s actions, and words demonstrate a clear obsession with Daisy that seems to have no end. In the story, Gatsby is at the first portrayed as a great man, until later the book goes on and his true colors and motives are revealed. As Gatsby invited Tom over to talk, he explains how all he wants is to have Daisy tell Tom that she had never loved him. In response “‘I wouldn’t ask too much of her’” I (Nick) ventured. ‘You can’t repent the past.’ ‘Can’t repeat the past?’ He (Gatsby) cried incredulously. ‘Why of course you can!’ (Fitzgerald 110). The quote shows to Nick and the reader that Gatsby, despite not talking to Daisy for 5 years, how he believes Daisy loves him, and the past will be repeated. It gives the reader an image of a crazy man who will stop at nothing to get a girl who no longer loves him. The way Gatsby gets very defensive and set on repeating history, does not demonstrate affection ask doesn’t seem to care that Daisy opinion and believes 100% that Daisy for sure loves him
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