Similarities Between Fitzgerald And Jay Gatsby

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Jay Gatsby, the title character of the novel “The Great Gatsby” is a man that can not seem to live without the love of his life. Trying to win Daisy over consumes Gatsby’s life as he tries to become the person he thinks she would approve of. What most readers do not realize is that Jay Gatsby’s character mirrors many personality traits and concerns that the author of novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, had. In fact, Gatsby and Fitzgerald are similar in that they both had a girl they wanted to win over, took a strong stance on alcohol, and ironically both had similar funerals, also, both people also symbolize the American dream. The close reflection of the life of Jay Gatsby and his author F. Scott Fitzgerald is emphasized in their situation with their lovers. Of the many recurring themes in both of their chases after their lovers is the fact that both were in the army when they met their lover. F. Scott Fitzgerald was stationed as a second lieutenant in Montgomery, Alabama where he fell in love with Zelda Sayre (Willett). Fitzgerald includes this in Gatsby’s character as Daisy lived near an army station where Gatsby was serving and "excited young officers from Camp Taylor demanded the privilege of monopolizing …show more content…

Jay Gatsby wanted to make a rich man out of himself and when he did he moved to West Egg. West Egg is for the “New Rich” and it shows in Gatsby’s demeanor. Gatsby had worked and even been a criminal in order to make his fortune but nonetheless he realized the American Dream. Fitzgerald too depicts the American Dream. Fitzgerald rushed to make many novels and short stories in order to make to have his slice of fame and fortune (Willett). The “rags to riches” mentality of the Roaring 20’s drove Fitzgerald forward in life which perhaps is the reason that his character Jay Gatsby and him are very similar in that they symbolize the American

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