Biography Of Macbeth

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Biography of Macbeth Macbeth was born in central Scotland in around 1005 to Findlaech and Doada MacRuaridh. His father Findlaech was an earl of Moray, a province in the north of Scotland, and his mother Doada was the second daughter of Malcolm II and worked with his father as an assistant and advisor. As a young boy Macbeth was quite tall with fair hair and quite handsome, with a ruddy complexion. When he was only 7 years old he was sent to a Christian monastery by himself to be educated by the monks. This is an important requirement for the sons of important chieftains. When Macbeth was 15 years old he witnessed the murder of his father by his two cousins Malcolm and Gillecomgain who later threatened to kill him if he said anything about …show more content…

After his cousin’s execution Macbeth was elected Earl of Moray by the king and he took a bride to strengthen his claim to the throne. On November 24, 1034, Malcolm II died and it was assumed that it was of natural causes. One month later his son Duncan MacCrinan was crowned the new king of Scotland. Duncan was an incompetent fighter and not much of a strategist but he ruler Scotland with a thirst for …show more content…

Lady Macbeth knows that the king is coming to visit soon so she comes up with a plan to kill the king and take the throne when he is asleep. She persuades Macbeth to do the deed and they hide their treason by blaming it on Malcolm, the King’s son. Macbeth was very reluctant to kill his king as he had already witnessed the murders of his father and cousins, but because his childhood had been filled with isolation and he was used to being controlled by other people, it didn't take much for Lady Macbeth to force him into something he didn’t want to

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