Bipolar Disorder: The Five Factor Model Theory

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I selected Bipolar disorder as the topic, I 'll be going over in this paper. I 've chosen this topic because I want to learn more about this disorder. Since I have this disorder I hope to understand the emotional fluctuation that comes with this disorder better. It will also be interesting to see how much is actually known about this disorder. In addition, I believe it is important that more people learn about Bipolar disorder. I believe that Erik Erikson 's psychosocial stages can play a part in this disorder. By researching this disorder I hope to be able to easily explain Bipolar to anyone. I believe the five factor model theory plays a part in Bipolar disorder. This is a trait theory to explain personality. Each dimension of this model is important but I think that neuroticism is the main factor in bipolar. But I believe that each factor can affect the mental state of an individual. People who are high in neuroticism prone to be emotionally unstable. They tend to have difficulty maintaining social relationships, and have problems learning. Bipolar disorder is known as the emotional roller coaster that can strain relationships. As you can see personality can tie into someone 's mood.…show more content…
They will experience extreme highs of mania and extreme lows of major depression. Their mood extremes are called episodes. There is no way to tell how long the episodes could last. It could last a day, a few weeks, or several months. Of course, there are usually relatively normal periods in between these episodes. Bipolar disorder symptoms can result in damaged performance, and even suicide. In the five factor model some of these symptoms would be described as high neuroticism which results in emotion instability. When you are bipolar it is a struggle to keep your emotions
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