Birds In The Scarlet Ibis By Hames Hurst

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Avelina Proshak Ms. Watson English 9 / Block 4 28 February 2023 Birds and Doodle. In his short story, “The Scarlet Ibis” author Hames Hurst uses birds as a symbol for Doodle’s current emotions by showing Doodle’s fear of being left alone and not being protected. Doodle, the narrator's brother, was born with a rare disease; however, instead of dying as a baby he ended up growing up with his family. Nevertheless, Doodle was weak and fragile and the use of birds as symbols helps us understand Doodle’s current emotions. In the story, Doodle’s brother was going to leave Doodle alone unless Doodle touches the coffin that was meant for him “Doodle was frightened of being left. 'Don't go leave me, Brother,' he cried and he leaned toward the coffin.

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