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In Macbeth, blood is a symbol used to represent guilt and how one's guilt will cause them to act with concupiscence. If an individual feels guilty about an action they will do anything to try to make up for that action or clear their conscience. They may cross a line in which they never had thought of crossing before in order to fight their guilt. In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth feels guilty about the many murders he has committed and his guilt has turned to paranoia. His paranoia is evident in his conversation with lady Macbeth about banquo when he says, “Come, seeling night, / Scarf up the tender eye of pitiful day / And with thy bloody and invisible hand / Cancel and tear to pieces that great bond / Which keeps me pale” (Shakespeare 3.3.52-56). Macbeth's paranoia may cause him to act with concupiscence once again as he feels banquo is a threat and he will do anything to dispense the treat. Similarly, Macbeth is paranoid that his actions will come back to haunt him. …show more content…

Malcolm explains how Scotland is falling when “It weeps, it bleeds, and each new day a gash / is added to her wounds”(4.3.50-51). Everyday Macbeth is damaging Scotland. The gash is referring to an assassination ordered by Macbeth to kill Macduff's family. Because of all of the murders that have occurred, the country is crumbling. Furthermore, there are many people who have a strong desire for a new king. Even if Macbeth is stuck on the end of Malcolm’s sword, worse evil will be placed upon Scotland than before. During this moment in the play Malcolm and Macduff are trying to gather troops to go to kill Macbeth. Killing Macbeth will stop more blood being shed and may cure the “gashes” of Scotland. Macbeth's concupiscence which originates from his guilt, represented by blood, causes him to destroy his own life and crumble the nation of scotland along with

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