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In 2016, the Swedish Academy awarded musician Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize in Literature. Immediately, debate sparked amongst people around the world began since it was the first time a musician was awarded this prestigious prize. Some contend that Bob Dylan should not have won the prize because it caused writers to miss the opportunity for deserved recognition. However, singer-songwriter Bob Dylan was properly qualified to win the Nobel Prize in Literature because of his music industry accomplishments and poetic songwriting skills. To begin, Bob Dylan is a highly-accomplished figure in the music industry. Highly credible artists, critics, and organizations have recognized and awarded Bob Dylan's work. For example, In Colin Dwyer's article "Bob Dylan, Titan of American Music, Wins 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature," he states that, "Dylan has won Grammys, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the U.S. Now, to that trove of honors Dylan has added a Nobel" (Dwyer 1). These awards represent milestones of his significant achievements that influenced American music. According to "Dylan's Nobel Prize Settles Debate: Rock Lyrics Are Poetry," the Nobel Committee explains their …show more content…

Although writers indeed deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments, Bob Dylan was given the Nobel Prize in Literature only regarding his lyrics. Dylan's influence on American culture from his strong, poetic songwriting skills stood out to the Swedish Academy (Sisario et. al. 2). The Swedish Academy divided his lyrics from the instrumental component of his music when he was nominated for the award. Thus, when Bob Dylan was given the Nobel Prize in Literature, he was acknowledged as a writer, not a

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