Jimi Hendrix Major Accomplishments

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Jimi Hendrix was an amazing, inspirational musician who created a new form of music, that made a giant impact on the world. Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington November 27, 1942, and died September 18, 1970. He taught himself guitar as a teenager, and eventually started playing professionally. He grew up listening to the blues records by Chuck Berry, B.B King, Muddy Waters, and Eddie Cochran. He didn't go to college, but he followed in his father's footsteps and enlisted in the U.S. army. While training as a paratrooper he still found time for music. After this he became a singer, guitarist,and Songwriter. He was known as the most creative and inspirational musician to ever live. The band he was first …show more content…

With this band he was best known for turning a Fender Stratocaster upside down, and playing amazingly. His very first single “Hey Joe” reached number six on the top charts of the U.K. in 1967. A while after that he wrote the rocking song “Purple Haze,” and then made the album “Are You Experienced,” which was his double platinum first album. His three main albums were called “Axis”, “Bold as Love”, “Electric Ladyland,” “Are You Experienced.” In 1968 two of the album's hit number one, and number three. He made some great friends while in England which are Eric Clapton, “The Beatles”, and “The Rolling Stones.” Once Jimi died, he was looked up to by Rick James, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Erykah Badu. Jimi Hendrix made a very unique sound with loud distortion, and uncontrollable feedback which he made sound amazing, and professional. The more upbeat rocking songs that he wrote was” Foxy Lady”,” Purple Haze”, and “Crosstown Traffic”. He also wrote very soft songs like “Little Wing”, “The Wind Cries Mary”, and “Angel”. He wrote very haunting songs including “Voodoo Child”, and “Red House”. Even though he could play these songs like a master

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