Kennedy Ellington: Annotated Bibliography

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Justin McCauley
Dear Diary, My name is Duke Ellington I was born on April 29,1899. My parents names are Daisy Kennedy Ellington, James Edward Ellington. I had one brother his name was Ruth Ellington.My birth name was Edward kennedy Ellington First I learned to play the piano at the cotton club.I loved to play at the cotton club.I started to play at the cotton club when I was in my teens I played every weekend.I wrote and played the great jazz for about 50 death was in may 24,1974.I died from a heart attack. I was the greatest jazz artist ever seen in the world.I also got the grammy of lifetime achievement award.Then I got the grammy award for the best instrumental composer.And I got the grammy for the hall of fame.I got the Gemon

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