The Trombone And Its Impact On The Jazz Movement

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The Trombone is an instrument that has developed a rich history and consequently become ingrained within our society as a whole, even if most don’t realize it. Originally being created in the 1500’s, it’s managed to stay around and influence many aspects of music genres and styles. Having a trombone in a band helps keep musicians together and can completely change the way a song may sound.

Through the years brass instruments have evolved and been used in all sorts of music types. “Early brass instruments were made from hollow items found in nature such as termite hollowed eucalyptus or conch shells.” (Bass Techniques and Pedagogy, Brian N. Weidner). One, if not the earliest brass instrument to be developed was a trumpet crafted from bronze. …show more content…

In the early days of the trombone aka the days of the sackbut it was primarily used in Burgundy before it became more known and was changed to the modern day trombone. Out of the years the trombone has been around however, it’s most known was the impact it had on the jazz movement. During the early 1900’s jazz became popular and played a very critical role in the Civil Rights movement. It allowed for African-Americans to express themselves during a time when it was most important. “Jazz bands of the early 1900s used the trombone to support the tuba in creating rhythm and harmony, over which the lead instruments would improvise. The Big Band era made full use of the trombones soulful sound, and it was during the 1920s that trombonists began playing solo as they do today.” (The Liverpool Academy of Music). Although the jazz era is over and slowly becoming less popular, it’s impact on the music industry and what it did for trombones can still be felt to this …show more content…

Glenn Miller was one of these people. His main instrument was the trombone but he also had many other skills. Not only was Glenn Miller a skilled trombone player but he was also a conductor, an arranger, a composer and many other things as well. During his time he created and cultivated a military band that led him to be considered the “father of modern military bands”. He later went missing during his deployment while in an airplane above the English Canal. Even with him gone his music and impact will always be

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