Book Report On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Eliezer is the main character throughout the story ‘Night’. The story follows him and his father as their Jewish ideology is tested. Throughout the story Eliezer's is dealing with the fact that even with faith and a celestial being, man can do appalling things to fellow man. Eliezer's faith is tested in many drastic scenarios throughout the shocking events.
We are introduced to a young boy by the name of Eliezer early in the story. Eliezer is a twelve year old boy living in Sighet, Hungary during World War II. He is the only son in a Jewish family that strictly follows Jewish traditions. Eliezer has three siblings, Two older sisters, one younger. His mother and father own a small shop in Sighet.
Eliezer studies the Talmud. He also studies the Jewish texts of the Cabbala. Towards the middle of World War II Hungary falls into the hands of the Fascist Party. The Sighet community leaders are all arrested, all possessions that were not hidden in time are confiscated, and all Jews are forced to wear yellow stars. The Nazis then begin to deport the Jews in small groups in cattle cars. Eliezers family is one of the last Jewish families to leave Sighet.
When Eliezer and his family are packed into train cars is really the first time where Eliezer begins to question his god. ”Where is God? Where is he?” Pg. 44 …show more content…

If any prisoner stopped sprinting, they were shot or trampled to death. After the long run Eliezer's father is so near death, he doesn't even think of God anymore. After the run the prisoners are transported to Buchenwald, where word comes that the Americans are coming to liberate the camp. Thousands of Jews are mercilessly murdered every day. Eliezer's father goes borderline insane and is sent to the Crematorium to Eliezer's surprise, he is not sad but he feels relief. The prisoners rebel and drive the S.S. from camp, hours later the Americans arrive and liberate

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