Camp Haven In The 5th Wave By Rick Yancey

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Cassie’s group is assiduous to escaping Camp Haven. They end up bombing Camp Haven in The 5th Wave and now in the book The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey they hide like scared toddlers in the old abandon hotel that will be their home for no more then a few days ☺(Simile). Already at the beginning of the novel there is conflict between Sammy and Cassie about the death of their father, Cassie struggles to coop with the death of her boyfriend Evan, and the group is conflicted to weather they should stay at the hotel or leave. In the first book of The 5th Wave series Cassie sees her father shot and killed at Camp Ashpit by Vosch. Sammy now saved by Cassie and Ben is now with the group. Sammy also is known as Nugget does not know that his dad is dead, or at least no one told him: “He didn’t ask, though. He told me. Daddy’s dead”(Yancey 35). When Sammy confronted Cassie about their dad’s death, Sammy gave his sister no sense of condolence. Cassie is the enemy in Sammy’s eyes☺ (Metaphor). Only she is not really because she is his sister. Conflict between the two will remain for a while affecting the closeness in their relationship. This conflict of person verses person is important because they need a strong relationship to get through this together. …show more content…

She is in quandary over his death and cannot give up hope that he is alive: “Don’t pretend, I know you don’t believe me about Evan”(Yancey 44). Cassie encounters arguments over his death with her own thoughts. Thinking maybe he escaped the explosion of Camp Haven by a drone, that would be highly unlikely though because they don’t see any drones when they are saved. This conflict of person verse self is important, because Cassie needs to stay focused more on the present and what is happing in her world in front of her eyes, verses thinking about Evan which is a distraction to what is actually going

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