Case: State Of California Vs. Scott Lee Peterson

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"The State of California versus Scott Lee Peterson (Case number 1056770, 2005)", was an interesting case. This case was interesting because Laci was a very beautiful and seemingly young, friendly, and happily pregnant woman with lots of friends. Her husband, although attractive, had a kind of macho tough guy womanizer type of persona about himself. It is hard to believe or fathom someone being so cruel as to kill their pregnant wife, regardless of their marital problems. Laci came up missing on December 24, of 2002, the day before Christmas. Scott Peterson’s lover came forward in January of 2003 and confessed he had told her that he was single and a widower (Library, CNN. 2014). This made the case even more interesting and gave the husband a motive. To add further interesting facts, Scott Peterson was found to have purchased a 250,000-dollar life insurance policy on his wife in the summer of 2002 (Janell Wang, Law research 2002). The sources, in this case, were the Petersons neighbor Rusty Dornin, Amber Frey which was the woman …show more content…

The Jurisdiction of criminal law, in this case, were substantive and procedural. The substantive aspect of the criminal law is concerned with defining a particular conduct as criminal (Schmalleger, Frank. 2012). When Laci first disappeared it was not evident that there had been any foul play. When her body was found four months later in San Francisco Bay, it was evident not only because of the fact that her body was found and had been washed up, but was originally placed in a bag and held down by some kind of weight that foul play was involved. The second aspect of criminal jurisdiction is the procedural aspect. This aspect is concerned with the powers that be placing the defendant on trial, and proving that a law had been violated by

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