Case Study Report Of Guelph General Hospital

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This report addresses the issues arising from the case study report of Guelph General Hospital. Over the years, the hospital has experienced challenges in the delivery of services to consumers. This is especially due to the expanding numbers of patients that have affected the normal functioning of the hospital system. Starting with the improvement of the emergency department, GGH has focused on the practices that would accommodate the increasing demands for medical services. The lean methodology is one of the implementations that aimed at reducing wastage within the system, in order to create value for the services offered. However, the metric indicate that aspects such as consumer convenience and efficient handling of the patients have been noted. On the other hand, most of the employees are developing resistance towards the new system due to the high level of accountability required. The report therefore looks into the suitable decision that the hospital management should consider. What are the key decisions that have to be made at GGH? To begin with, the lean methodology is one that is applicable to all industries, regardless of the present systems and approaches towards management (Tsironis & Psychogios, 2016). Therefore, the major decision is to proceed with the implementation of the lean and other improvement processes, even though it should take different approaches. When considering the challenges noted, most of them emerge from the reactions and actions of the

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