Valley Health Care Mission Statement

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Valley Health Care System: Mission and Vision

Valley Health Care System (VHS) is an organized delivery system with a mission to provide quality care with compassion. As a nonprofit community health system, VHS is a clear leader in healthcare innovation, and has established itself as an organization with a steadfast commitment to providing high health quality in a way that is cost-effective, and considerate of our patients’ needs. The focus for the CEO and the leaders in this organization must remain on taking care of people and ensuring their wellness, irrespective of any other responsibilities or matters at hand. VHS is composed of a diverse network of hospitals and outpatient clinics. VHS aspires to increase its services and reach to remote rural areas. And thus, it lies upon the leadership of a CEO to motivate everyone at the organization to embrace the mission and vision of the organization. …show more content…

The CEO at VHC must know all the stakeholders involved or influenced with the organization. The leader must keep everyone engaged with the organization’s mission which must include all top executives such as Board of Directors, owner, VP, CFO, MD CIO, CO, Health Services Administrator, Medical Director, Site manager, Office managers, and the staff such as Registrars, Admissions, Scheduling, Billing, Physicians and nurses. It is important to remain sensitive to the impact of the decisions made at the organization on all stakeholders. CEO needs to be honest and forthright with information and have open, transparent communications keeping each patient and each employee, including all stakeholders, fully informed about everything that affects them. It is the responsibility of the hospital health system leaders to embrace higher quality and lower costs as institutional aims, to foster a culture that prioritizes high-value care, to determine a path forward, and to steward and sustain the

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