Medical Clinic: The Primary Value Of The Mayo Clinic

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What is the Mayo Clinic? According to the U.S. News & World Report adult hospital rankings, it is the best hospital in the nation for 2014-2015. The primary value of Mayo Clinic is “The needs of the patient come first” (Mayo, n.d.). This is also a core principal of its corporate strategy (Mayo, n.d.). Mayo Clinic also believes that to be successful it must manage information, expansion, and innovation (Mayo, n.d.). Through these initiatives Mayo hopes to give a general guide to its staff of what is important for the business to stay “relevant” and be successful (Mayo, n.d.).
Mayo Clinic began in 1863 when Dr. William Worrall Mayo settled in Rochester, Minnesota (Mayo Clinic, n.d.). Since then this healthcare operation has expanded to …show more content…

The mission of Mayo Medical Laboratories is to offer a community-based comprehensive product which includes not only specimen testing, but also outreach support and consultative services utilizing years of clinical experience (Mayo Medical Laboratory, 2014a). Outreach support is aimed at assisting clients in areas of operations, sales, marketing, billing, finance, and other support services (Mayo Medical Laboratory, 2014a). Consultative services include educating clients about proper test utilization and the benefits of its implementation in costs and care outcomes (Mayo Medical Laboratory, …show more content…

According to Mayo Medical Laboratory (2014c), for a healthcare entity to meet payment models from the reforms evolving the market, a network of laboratories is a requirement. The application of this design is evident in the recent collaborations, expansions, and partnerships undertaken by the organization. Collaborations with companies like Advanced Biological Laboratories are designed to expand the test catalog without taking on the assets of the research laboratory being collaborated with (Business Wire, 2014). Mayo Medical Laboratories routinely enters into agreements with cutting edge diagnostic research enterprises to expand its reach in the market. The company is also actively expanding its Superior Drive Support Center through the acquisition of empty buildings with the intent of increasing workspace (Kiger, 2014). Kiger (2014), states that a building originally leased by Mayo has since been purchased with plans to double the laboratory workspace. Expansion is also taking place at the Jacksonville campus where previously unused space on the sixth floor is being made ready for a new individualized care laboratory. Finally, the establishment is growing through partnerships with other large diagnostic laboratory testing facilities. In 2013 Rochester General Health Systems (Rochester Regional Health System, 2013), a company which handles millions of specimens annually, expanded their

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