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the Fall and Rise of Cat Land

This story is about the mexican war of independence. It takes place during the 1810’s. The dogs represent the Spanish who are mistreating the cast who represent the native Mexicans. The cats struggle with conflicts such as person vs. person and person vs. self.

There once was a far away land called Cat land. Cat land was a very hot place to live in, it was a desert after all. The cats there were very happy in Cat land. They lived in big houses and ate very good food. They always had 3 meals a day and as much milk as they wanted. Each cat had its own cozy bed and a ball of yarn to play with, in-case they got bored.

One day two dogs appeared on the beach, they said they were from a far away land called Dog …show more content…

Equivocado was was the leader of the two dogs and El Orador anointed himself as the messenger. One day Equivocado said to El Orador, “These cats are lazy and have no work ethic yet they have all of this nice stuff. And here we are fighting wars to make due and all we have are small huts to live in and battle …show more content…

The dogs were sitting around a big round table sipping milk and eating kibble, when the cats attacked. They came in with claws out and beat the dogs out to the beach. They dogs were so startled at the surprise attack that they had no time to call for reinforcements. The cats had the dogs on the run. The dogs were cornered at the beach and had nowhere to go so they started swimming. The swam and swam until they got to a ship which they got on and sailed away back to Dog Land. As the dogs swam, the cats were cheering and celebrating back on the island. They won the fight.

on the ship the dogs talked. Equivocado said, “maybe if we had treated the cats like equals and not like slaves, they wouldn 't have rebelled against us.”

El Orador answered, “I told you so, we should have accepted what we were given and not have taken their things.”

And that is the untold story about why cats and dogs actually hate each other, even today.

The moral of this story is what comes around goes around / look before you leap. People should think about what they are doing before they do it because everything you do has a consequence. In my story the dogs were being very greedy and did not think about the cat 's feelings or anything. If they were not to have gone and took it all for themselves the cats wouldn 't have needed to rebel and the dogs would be able to live on the island with the cats in

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