Character Analysis Of Equality 7-2521 In Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Equality 7-2521 is very proud as to what he invented, so Equality 7-2521 decides Equality 7-2521 wants to come clean and admit to the crimes Equality 7-2521 did. Equality 7-2521 was motivated because he wanted to become one of the smart people. Equality 7-2521 would also have more independence if he joined the World Council of Scholars. Equality 7-2521 is motivated because he has always wanted to try and find his inner self and his identity as an individual. In chapter 7 of the novel Anthem it shows that Equality 7-2521 feels unimportant to everyone around him and that he is just another person just like everyone else. Equality 7-2521 just wants to be different from everyone else. In chapter 6 of the novel Anthem Equality 7-2521 hopes lie on …show more content…

Equality 7-2521 knew he was gonna get in trouble, but he knew his ways not to get caught. In chapter 6 of the novel Anthem when Equality 7-2521 got stripped and tied to the post and got beat at the Palace of Corrections was the first time he was ever caught. He was so intrigued with the electricity that he lost track of time as to when he needed to get back. The people that work for the Palace of Correction do not really care about their people, so they will hurt the people just to get the truth out. They will keep on beating their people just like they did with Equality 7-2521 just for the truth. Equality 7-2521 never let out the truth because he was waiting to tell the truth to the Scholars. Equality 7-2521 wanted the Scholars to be proud of him that he figured it out, so all of the people could stop using the candles just to be able to have light. Candles do not give off much light, and Equality 7-2521 wanted to help to get more light. Equality 7-2521 should have come clean with everything right when he got put into the Palace of Corrections. Equality 7-2521 was never really smart with his actions, and he was never smart with his writing because he was taught to use “we” instead of

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