Character Analysis Of Janie In 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'

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Their Eyes Were Watching God is a detail long fiction tragedy that traces the attitude changes of Janie. As an African American, she denies the social tradition, gender and racial discrimination.The pursuit of true love and independence prompts her to “watch God,” and follow her free will.
To begin with, when Janie was a pre-teen girl, she was obviously afraid of the social pressure, the overwhelming gender and racial discrimination. It was Nanny who told her the significance of observing the social order and follow the will of the white. For example, Nanny had experienced the cruelty of slavery. To help her grand-daughter live a good life, Nanny bought some land and a house finally and decided only marry Janie to a rich white person could Janie be prevented from the disasters as hers. She caught Janie with Johny and married her to Logan, a wealthy farmer. However, threatened by the terror of social tradition, she does not fight aggressively against this order. She naively thought a …show more content…

More importantly, the relationship teaches her the meaning of togetherness. Tea Cake and Janie did good agricultural work, though Tea Cake was not as wealthy as the two men, Lorgan and Joe. Admittedly, they argued because of Nunkie, who flirted with Tea Cake in a party and because of Tea’s small secrecy. However, after the conflicts melted, they relied on each other in the hurricane and flood. Her insistance of freedom and love is amplified in the sentence, “they stared at the dark, but their eyes were watching God.” She chose to “watching God” and follow the belief in her innermost, despising the doctrine of “watching the white.”
In conclusion, Their Eyes Were Watching God tells the change from a principled African-American girl who observe the cautions of Nanny to an independent female figure pursuing freedom and love. The iconoclastic development highlights her challenge to the out-dated social norms and the instinct of human

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